Goodbye… or hello and again?

»A short idea in a post, a none-reflected response… and within only hours a bunch of crazy folks came together to realize this idea of portalized Christmas songs…«

This was the way it all started. At the end of November there was a tiny little post on the Portal 2 forums expressing the wish that it would be totally funny if GLaDOS could tune in on some Christmas songs. And we did… and HOW we did!
The result
(at the moment):

· 30 songs rewritten
· 11 songs recorded
· 1 (I’d like to call it) full color motion picture on youtube )*
· An independent homepage
· A bunch of unique art
And why?

Because of some exceptional artists, singers, songwriters, filmartists, webdesigners, composers, writers, and… in short: a freaking bunch of talented folks from around the world. If you’d like to know who all those amazing peeps are, go to the Credits>>> section.
So I thought it is finally time for a blog here which I’d like to contribute to this project.
)* At our bloGbuster at the moment is this one:
This Is Aperture

We can proudly announce that we are noticed by VAVLe! Given the fact that they live on a special time scale they seem to enjoy the fact that we also celebrate Christmas on VAVLe time, who cares about Christmas anyway? ;o)

So please feel free to comment!
We all like to know what you think!

A big thank you from your admin LiaCroft

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4 Responses to Goodbye… or hello and again?

  1. Pennykettle says:

    Coolio! I hope you guys do good! I sure wish I could be a part of this project. Even by the slightest!


  2. Lyman says:

    Where is the facebook like link ?

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