We are done here…

So after some exciting months of recording, posting, laughing, redoing a bunch of Christmas songs into Portal style it is time to move on… if there will be a new project, who knows? Some of you might start to complain that we haven’t finished every bit of it. But I don’t think that our initial plan was to finish this completely. It was the progress, the experimental outburst, and the pure fun what made this come to live. So please don’t be too sad if we haven’t completely finished ’12 Testing Chambers’ for instance.

Some of you might also say that we are living on VALVe time but please give respect to the fact that we are a randomly gathered bunch of folks form around the world who lead a real life at school, at work or somewhere deep in Aperture. This life may have led us somewhere else instead of dutifully finishing those songs.

Thanks to all of you who have participated! It was a unique, inspirational and really nice experience! The outcome of it was just amazing: Our one-million-wonder video, the nice reactions of VAVLe and even Ellen McLain, the amazing talents out there who contributed so much to this! I don’t start to name you here because I am sure I am going to forget someone. You can take a look at our credits list to see all the incredible participants here.

And if you ask me, if there’s again such a nice and creative opportunity to a new project… count me in!!! Yours LIA+++ :)

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  1. |AI| GLaDOs 9.25 says:

    Want your portal gun
    Lyrics by: |AI| GLaDOS 9.25
    Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CaveJohnsonBM
    Orinated from: Bad Romance
    To: Harry101UK
    Turret: oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Caught in an Aperture Duct
    oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
    Caught in an Aperture Duct
    Roar Roar arr arr arr (Tag: Corus)
    Umma Umma mma (Tag: Corus)
    Want your Portal Gun
    Multi-Turrets: I want your Portal
    (Tag: Corus)
    Gun o la la
    Want your Portal gun!
    Turret: I want your Portals, I want your Gun!
    I want your Portal gun as long as its free, i want your gun!
    Gun, gun, gun i want your gun!
    GLaDOS: I want you dead in a second or two,
    I want your Head kissing the sand, i want you dead.
    Dead dead dead, i want you dead!
    And, you know that i hate you, and you know that i need you, i want you dead, a dead woman
    Multi-Turrets: She wants you dead and now hates you again, you and me could have a portal gun!

    Theres a start!
    This is meant to be for Harry101UK

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