Ellen McLain thinks the video is shockingly nice!

Yes, Ellen McLain, famously known as the irresistable passive-aggressive voice of our good old GLaDOS in Portal and Portal 2 posted a note on her site concerning what? Of course! The video “This Is Aperture” of our Harry101UK. So folks, after only two days we might ask where this testing might lead us? We keep you posted! But please let us not forget that behind the scenes is our A.P.H.I.D.1.0 who contributed the lyrics and made also awesome music compositions of other songs of our Goodbye Christmas Caroline Project!  Yours LiaCroft

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2 Responses to Ellen McLain thinks the video is shockingly nice!

  1. Chaoticpox93 says:

    Oh. My. God. Wowowowowowowowow!!!!!!!!!

  2. CalebHughes says:

    Wow, That’s Cool! It’s good to know that you are getting recognition from very high places! Now, if only they knew of the other ones.

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