German Portal Fan Magazine interview

Hi folks, on the december issue of this online Portal Fan Magazine I was asked for an interview to report about this project. The interview is in German, so if I will find the time I am going to translate that interesting Q&A for you.

PDF: December issue

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Amazing GLaDOS finished!

It is done! Our first song in 2012 is finished. OK, it has to be admitted, that this is far from portalesque, but it spreads the spirit of the good ole Golden Years of the 1920′s of the past century. And combined with a winterly Christmas atmosphere it turned out quite… uhm spiritual… *lol*.
So please enjoy this bit and soon there’s more to come!

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Finished by…?

OK, Christmas Eve 2012 sounds reasonable. But we said the same thing last year, and the
result was some stunning outburst of cool interpretations. And also a bunch of nice songs
none-finished –not because of the lack of quality – but due to the fact that a wild creative international population of PORTAL fans spent their free time writing new lyrics, reaaranging new songs via piano, pc, or any other instruments, reording the bits, making videos, and sending them arround the world to glue them together as one.
In 2011 we made 30 songs, parts of them finished, parts not.
So 2012 is tuning in!
And before the world ends at 2012/12/21:
Let’s make the best of it!!!
yours LIA+++

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The project continues!

Hi folks, it seems so hard to believe that almost a year has past since we last worked on this project. Now the new Holiday Season is going to rise again!
So we are going to add new songs, work on the old ones, and be internationally creative again!
I am really looking forward to this!
Have fun, and let’s see what is going to happen the next weeks and month to surprise good ole Santa…
yours LIA+++ aka LiaCroft

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We are done here…

So after some exciting months of recording, posting, laughing, redoing a bunch of Christmas songs into Portal style it is time to move on… if there will be a new project, who knows? Some of you might start to complain that we haven’t finished every bit of it. But I don’t think that our initial plan was to finish this completely. It was the progress, the experimental outburst, and the pure fun what made this come to live. So please don’t be too sad if we haven’t completely finished ’12 Testing Chambers’ for instance.

Some of you might also say that we are living on VALVe time but please give respect to the fact that we are a randomly gathered bunch of folks form around the world who lead a real life at school, at work or somewhere deep in Aperture. This life may have led us somewhere else instead of dutifully finishing those songs.

Thanks to all of you who have participated! It was a unique, inspirational and really nice experience! The outcome of it was just amazing: Our one-million-wonder video, the nice reactions of VAVLe and even Ellen McLain, the amazing talents out there who contributed so much to this! I don’t start to name you here because I am sure I am going to forget someone. You can take a look at our credits list to see all the incredible participants here.

And if you ask me, if there’s again such a nice and creative opportunity to a new project… count me in!!! Yours LIA+++ :)

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Ellen McLain thinks the video is shockingly nice!

Yes, Ellen McLain, famously known as the irresistable passive-aggressive voice of our good old GLaDOS in Portal and Portal 2 posted a note on her site concerning what? Of course! The video “This Is Aperture” of our Harry101UK. So folks, after only two days we might ask where this testing might lead us? We keep you posted! But please let us not forget that behind the scenes is our A.P.H.I.D.1.0 who contributed the lyrics and made also awesome music compositions of other songs of our Goodbye Christmas Caroline Project!  Yours LiaCroft

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“This Is Aperture” on WebProNews

So the hype doesn’t stop about this video.
Today it is mentioned on WebProNews.
I totally agree that it is also possible to be
extremely creative on the internet… why not?

yours LiaCroft

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“This Is Aperture” has gone viral!

Only two days ago Harry101UK, one of our project’s artists added this astonishing video of one of the Christmas Carol songs. And now it crossed the border of 1/2 million clicks already! And this is highly deserved because it is really really awesome!
In the light of this it is hard to add more songs because no one of us is able to top this! :o )
Check the vid here!

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Goodbye… or hello and again?

»A short idea in a post, a none-reflected response… and within only hours a bunch of crazy folks came together to realize this idea of portalized Christmas songs…«

This was the way it all started. At the end of November there was a tiny little post on the Portal 2 forums expressing the wish that it would be totally funny if GLaDOS could tune in on some Christmas songs. And we did… and HOW we did!
The result
(at the moment):

· 30 songs rewritten
· 11 songs recorded
· 1 (I’d like to call it) full color motion picture on youtube )*
· An independent homepage
· A bunch of unique art
And why?

Because of some exceptional artists, singers, songwriters, filmartists, webdesigners, composers, writers, and… in short: a freaking bunch of talented folks from around the world. If you’d like to know who all those amazing peeps are, go to the Credits>>> section.
So I thought it is finally time for a blog here which I’d like to contribute to this project.
)* At our bloGbuster at the moment is this one:
This Is Aperture

We can proudly announce that we are noticed by VAVLe! Given the fact that they live on a special time scale they seem to enjoy the fact that we also celebrate Christmas on VAVLe time, who cares about Christmas anyway? ;o)

So please feel free to comment!
We all like to know what you think!

A big thank you from your admin LiaCroft

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